Students Board

iEARN Egypt Students' Board

Local Youth Representative (LYR)

  • Monitoring the work of the teams, receiving their reports and raising them to the country coordinator (CC).
  • Representing students' ideas and points of view and discussing their needs and problems with the country coordinator. 
  • Helping the CC with contacting the students and finding new active students to give them new opportunities to be more active and creative. 
  • Work with the iEARN Youth Representative in the Assembly to represent the ideas of Egyptian students. 
  • Co-ordination of National Initiatives with International Partners

Vice LYR

  • Coordinate between the whole SBoard Teams and LYR
  • Help LYR in facilitating Teams Work
  • Responsible for Enhancement Team
  • Replace the LYR in any events when the LYR can’t attend

Enhancement Team

This team consists of a mentor for each of SBoard Teams. The LYR Vice is considered the head of the Enhancement Team.

  1. Projects Mentor
  2. IT Mentor
  3. Magazine and Documentary teams Mentor
  4. Fundraising & PR Mentor
  5. Alumni Mentor

General Tasks of Mentors

  1. S/he will be assessing the progress of the team responsible for.
  2. S/he is part of the team; s/he is assessing and may work with them.
  3. S/he states if the team needs training or any tools to develop the overall progress of the team. 
  4. S/he consults the team members 
  5. Prepare a report every 3 months about the overall process of the team and if it needs any backup, trainings, etc.

Specific Tasks of Mentors

Projects Mentor
  • Coordinating between the projects team leaders
  • Consulting the team leaders if they need any help with the process of project facilitation.
Magazine and Documentary Teams Mentor
  • Coordinating with Magazine and Documentary Team Leaders
  • Consulting the Leaders of the two teams

Alumni Team

  • Facilitating cooperation with other iEARN Alumni groups internationally.
  • Reporting different Alumni events and training programs to the LYR.
  • Organizing Alumni participation with iEARN Egypt and the CC.
  • Developing Alumni forum to be a virtual notebook
  • Developing an Alumni website to be a rich source for alumni to learn and develop their skills
  • Encouraging Alumni to have their own initiative and make positive change to their communities

Projects Team

Each project team is responsible for:

  • Helping students to have new creative ideas for their projects
  • Applying the guidelines of the projects and following up how they are carried out
  • Facilitating school-to-school cooperation locally and internationally
  • Monitoring the students participation on the forums


IT Team

  • Helping students to use IT in the projects
  • Developing IT training programs for students and Alumni
  • Working with the CC on finding any possible chances\opportunities for students and alumni with other organizations
  • Working with the Media and PR team on the technical part of the preparation of any event

Magazine Team

  • Maintenance of iEARN Egpyt Magazine “iEXPRESS”
  • Creating new ideas for the magazine
  • Searching for writers and international contributors for the magazine 
  • Preparing printable issues of the magazine

Documentary Team

  • Collecting articles, news and information concerning iEARN Egypt from press and media. (Future & past).
  • Reporting different events and conferences to the LYR. 
  • Helping with the preparation and organization of logistics of iEARN Egypt conferences and events.
  • Preparing PR materials. 
  • Creating new ideas for different new events according to the need. (Seminars, recognition events, celebrations...)

Fundraising & PR

Fundraising Team

  • Creating a database with funders for iEARN Egypt
  • Creating a fundraising strategy for the upcoming years in iEARN Egypt
  • Coordinating with other teams regarding any proposed events in means of financial capability

PR Team

  • Contacting press and inviting them to iEARN Egypt events and public figures
  • Preparing a list of VIPs who will be invited to our events
  • Preparing a list of Organization that iEARN Egypt want to cooperate with
  • Propagating our network among other organization
  • Attending any booths for iEARN Egypt in the events

Students Board Contacts