Local Conference announcement


We are happy to announce that the iEARN Egypt Local conference for the year 2011/2012 has been successfully held on the 30th of August 2012 at Orman Secondary School


for Boys. We are also happy to announce that there have been 15 projects presentations from different schools and we were amazed by the level of projects done by the students. The day started with the opening speech and then a word of motivation presented by the head manager of the school. After that, the schools started presenting their projects. After the lunch break , we started the presentation by the LYR candidate for the new academic year. Following that an open discussion about several issues and ideas for iEARN Egypt. Then it was followed by the announcement of the New LYR for iEARN Egypt. Afterwards, both the previous LYR and the new LYR have given their speeches and we delivered their speeches. Following that, the closing was held and the day ended with the handing of the certificates and the ended the day with the group photo.