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Al Ahram Daily Newspaper:

August 30 th, 2004

Page 14

(Headline) Connecting Schools of the World through the Internet

Dr. Ahmed Gamal El Deen, Minister of Education, inaugurated the iEARN Egypt First Youth Summit at the Mubarak City for Education. The summit’s goal is it to allow students to work together in educational, cultural, and technological projects. It also aims to connect the Egyptian schools with different countries of the world through the internet.

The Minister believes that such a summit leads to the development of the personal and social skills, as well as the planning, organization and cooperation proficiency among the students. It also allows us to find and support talented and special students.

He also explained that there will be workshops in different fields, such as education and technology; plus, there will be a special website to transmit the activities and updates of the summit to all the interested persons in Egypt and from all over the world. This is besides the fun activities.

Dr, Gamal El Deen confirmed that such a unique event, as this summit, adds to the knowledge, experiences and skills of this generation, who needs to acquire and develop such qualities continuously, so as to be up to the international standards and international students.

There are various organizations participating in the youth summit, as the Ministry of Communication, Egyptian Red Crescent, the Integrated Care Society, and Upper Egypt for Development.


Al Gomhurya Daily Newspaper

30 th August, 2004

Page 9

(Headline) Minister of Education: “Youth Summits Allow the Youth to Acquire Skills and Experiences”

Dr. Ahmed Gamal El Deen, Minister of Education, inaugurated the iEARN Egypt First Youth Summit at the Mubarak City for Education, which is organized by the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN) Egypt to connect the Egyptian schools with different countries of the world through the internet in order to connect youth.

Dr. Gamal El Deen declared that the summit aims to develop the educational and technological skills, as well as discovering and supporting talented and special students. It is also a way to build a bridge to get to know the others, exchange of ideas, and presenting the Egyptian technological developments. Moreover, the launching of a website specially designed for this Youth Summit to introduce the summit’s updates for the interested audience.

The minister asserted that such educational summits act as an important accumulation to the different and various knowledge and skills.


Al Masry Al Youm

30 th August, 2004

Page 2

(Headline) Gamal El Deen Calls on the Organizations of the Civil Society to Support the Educational Process

Dr. Ahmed Gamal El Deen, Minister of Education, assured that the importance of students’ participation in Youth Summits, especially those that depend on dealing with the others and cooperating with them would, consequently, expand the principals of understanding and accepting the others, as well as exchanging experiences. Mr. Gamal El Deen said during the inauguration of the iEARN Egypt First Youth Summit that the government is in real need of the support of the non-governmental organizations and the civil society’s organizations for the development of the educational process in Egypt.

He also added that the coming period will witness an expansion in all activities related to youth summits common to the one organized and handled by iEARN Egypt, which are depending on the IT and communication.

Mr. Gordon Gray, Charges d’affaires at the United States Embassy in Cairo, said that the United States is really proud by the iEARN Egypt’s experience, which assists and supports the democratic development in Egypt. Moreover, it encourages the cultural exchange and dialogue of civilizations. Also, it helps in increasing the ability to understand the others.


Al Gomhurya Daily Newspaper

August 27 th, 2004


Page 11

(Headline) Sunday… The First Youth Summit at Mubarak City of Education

Dr. Ahmed Gamal El Deen Moussa, Minister of Education, and Mr. Gordon Gray, Charges d’affaires at the United States Embassy in Cairo, will inaugurate the first youth summit for the Egyptian schools participating in the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN Egypt) at Mubarak City of Education at 6 th of October City, after tomorrow.

The Youth Summit aims to spread the social responsibility among the youth generations within the societies that lack services.

Captain Taher Abou Zaid, the previous soccer star, and Mr. Mohamed Mounir, the famous singer, will be taking a place within the activities of the summit. Mr. Abou Zaid will be discussing the notion of team building and the spirit of a team, as for Mr. Mounir, he will be talking about how to connect with the others while maintaining the national identity.

Mrs. Dalia Khalil, iEARN Egypt Country Coordinator, assured that the summit will host students with special needs; while students from the Egyptian Red Crescent, Integrated Care Society, Mubarak Public Library, AFS, and People To People will participate in the summit.


Al Qahera Newspaper

August 31 st, 2004

Page 1

(Headline) Mohamed Mounir Sings For the iEARN Egypt First Youth Summit in Cairo


The Minister of Education inaugurated the iEARN Egypt First Youth Summit last Sunday. The Summit is held at Mubarak City for Education at 6 th of October City. The Summit extends for the period of four days from August 28 th till 31 st, 2004. This summit is the first of its kind in Egypt, which allows the students to develop and enhance their technological, educational and artistic skills on a national, regional and international level.

Up to one hundred students participated in the summit. Member schools were eligible to participate, with special focus on public schools. Besides, other organizations joined, such as the Egyptian Red Crescent, the Integrated Care Society, Upper Egypt for Development, Mubarak Public Library and others.

A number of celebrities will participate in different plenary sessions discussing cultural, artistic and sporty issues, as Dr. Ahmed Dewidar, head of team Taher Abou Zaid, stage director Mohsen Helmy, and Mr. Mohamed Mounir, the famous singer.


Al Ahram Daily Newspaper

August 30 th, 2004

Page 13


(Headline) In the Inauguration of the iEARN First Youth Summit at Mubarak City for Education


Minister of Education: “The exchange of information between the Egyptian students and international students is an urge in this time of history”

Country Coordinator: “The program is the first of its own for electronic communication between the Egyptian youth and the world.”


Dr. Ahmed Gamal El Deen Moussa inaugurated the iEARN Egypt First Youth Summit yesterday. The summit is organized by the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN Egypt). The summit intends to connect the Egyptian schools with different countries of the world through the internet to give the chance to students to exchange information, experiences and educational and cultural projects. It, also, aims to develop the educational, technological and professional skills.

The Minister announced that such educational and professional summits are an important addition of acquired knowledge for the students, and that we are all working our best to provide them with experiences and updated knowledge. The youth of the day is the whole future. He, also, noted the importance of the international understanding among nations and the youth of these nations, as the world became a small village. Dr. Gamal El Deen added that the ministry’s plan is to cooperate with the ministry of communication and the civil forces in order to achieve the ultimate usage of the new technologies that would give the chance for our students to be in contact with other nations of the world. Also, he said that the support of the civil society is an imperative tool for the development of Egypt.

There will be a video conference between the Egyptian and Japanese students, along with various workshops that cover educational and technological aspects, along the side of different fun activities. Moreover, a special website will be launched for the updates of the summit. One hundred participants from Egyptian schools along with twenty teachers will participate in the summit. Other organizations, such as the Egyptian Red Crescent, Integrated Care Society and Upper Egypt for Development will be participating, as well.

Mr. Gordon Gray, Charges d’affaires at the United States Embassy in Cairo, announced that this program is founded on the deep cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the American continent. Moreover, the Embassy is very keen on supporting such a program as means to promote the Egyptian-American relations.

Regarding the iEARN program, Mrs. Dalia Khalil, the Country Coordinator in Egypt, said that iEARN is considered to be a pioneer program in connecting the Egyptian youth electronically with the youth of the world in order to develop their skills. Through this program, Egyptian youth meet with the youth of world, who members to the same program, through the internet. These students exchange ideas and experiences regarding different issues and aspects. Moreover, they work on research projects to find solutions for such issues and problems. Through such projects, they will be able to exchange experiences in order to endorse the application of self-education and acquisition of knowledge through collaborative and interactive projects. The program is an amazing chance to connect and link the nations of the world through the youth, as they are living in one world.

Exchange of Experience:

As for the importance of the iEARN Egypt program in advancing and developing the students’ skills, Mr. Karim Omara, an iEARN Egypt student and a member of the organizing committee of the summit, said that “the program is an interesting and amazing opportunity for the exchange of ideas and experiences of the youth of the world through the internet and working on joint research projects in different fields. Nanis Yousry, a high school student, adds that she acquired a lot of skills through such a program, the most important are special skills of using the computers and other technologies, organized and new way of thinking, and creative thinking. Also, she believes that the other important skills she got were the new way of working, positive participation in the various issues, problems and fields. As for Motaz El Masry, he said that the youth summit was an initiative made by the iEARN Egypt alumni to give a hand to the participating students and to transmit their experiences to other. He adds that the original members of iEARN Egypt are students within the preparatory and secondary schools.


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